Mazda Unveils Its New Electronic Chassis System For Long-Distance Comfort And Stability

By John Zayan , Jun 11, 2016 08:24 AM EDT

Details of the new electronic system for controlling chassis were revealed by Mazda. Dubbed as the G-Vectoring Control or GVC system by the Japanese car maker, this chassis control system works by offering long-distance stability and comfort for passengers rather than provide exceptional drive handling.

The GVC is part of Mazda's wider plan in reducing fatigue and stress on longer drives for its future models.

According to CarAdvice as noted by the manufacturer, "the GVC system uses small changes in the engine torque output to place additional weight on the front wheels, allowing the vehicle to be steered much more easily around corners and with less steering inputs."

With such scheme, the GVC offers more precise steering, more passenger comfort and improved ride feel. The GVC is also claims that it can reduce lateral forces when traversing rough surfaces to provide more ride comfort for occupants.

In related news, Japolanik said that the new GVC system is driver-friendly for it provides easy steering and navigation. By altering the torque output, it reduces lateral acceleration, driver steering input and ultimately less fatigue in driving.

An engineer from Mazda said that optimizing vehicles will affect the needs of customers who want a sportier chassis tuning. But providing them with a more relaxed and more driving experience will provide less driver fatigue.

The Mazda engineer added that what makes their vehicle is the already fun to drive and nimble attitude the Mazda provides.

Mazda's vision for comfort will make way to other comfort-focused additions to be integrated in their upcoming models.

Aside from the new GVC, new Mazda in the future will gain front seats designed to hold occupant's body more firmly, thereby reducing pressure points.

Driving position will also be altered and will focus in providing comfortable range of driver movement, which include altering pedal locations which Mazda engineers say are ideal.

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