The Science Behind Veganism: Pros And Cons

By Andrew Collins , Jun 13, 2016 04:10 AM EDT

There's intense debate surrounding a vegan diet's pros and cons. Vegan advocates say raw food is the best way to go. This approach to nutrition is also gaining so much popularity that more people are changing their diet plans.

The vegan raw food movement has heavily influenced dietary options, especially at supermarkets and groceries. Previously considered the preference of a small minority, veganism is now more than a cult following, with representatives from the community as vocal as ever.

Condisering A Vegan Diet

There are pros and cons to following a vegan diet, according to Psychology of Eating. While eating raw food enables the body to reboot, detoxify and even achieve physical and spiritual states, there are nutrients only cooked food can provide.

Eating raw food as a staple diet is a 200-year tradition, but it's recently gaining prominence. Strict advocates observe plant-based diets that exclude eggs, dairy, or anything that's produced by animals (including honey). Others have vegan diets that are more relaxed, overlooking some of the stringent rules.

A Mic report confirms the vegan diet contributes to reduced mortality rates, and promotes better health. Veganism also makes more room for fruits and vegetables in portioning, to compensate for the removal of meats or meat-based products. Consuming food in proper portions is a goal most people fail to meet.

Regular consumption of red meat contributes to premature death, but it also helps rebuild tissue that's damaged during a 'diet cleanse,' a fast that involves meal plans of fruits, grain, and vegetables.

Long Term Effects Becoming Vegan

Vegans maintain their diet's benefits outweigh any disadvantage, but studies show balance is the key. A vegan cleanse is only advisable for so long before the deficiencies take their toll. On the other hand, a carnivorous diet ignores the nutrients healthy portions of fruits and vegetables can provide. Either is a preference that benefits from laxer requirements.

Advocates For Raw Meat Diets

On the flip side, a growing community of food advocates is pushing for raw, omnivorous diets, which entails consuming uncooked fish, meat, and dairy. While proponents insist this is the natural way of consuming food (in the animal kingdom), the associated health risks are higher, and more care is required in food preparation.

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