OnePlus One Phones To Get MODs With Cyanogen OS 13.1

By Victor Thomson , Jun 14, 2016 08:01 AM EDT

Cyanogen, Inc. announced that a new MOD feature will become available starting with Cyanogen OS 13.1 that is rolling out first to the OnePlus One.

According to Engadget, there is good news for the owners of an OnePlus One phone. The latest version of the Cyanogen OS, version 13.1 is "MOD ready."

Version 13.1 of Cyanogen alreafy comes with the "mods" introduced in February. Aside of that, the developers can also tweak parts of the Android-based platform in some ways they couldn't before.

Users can now use OneNote to take notes within the Phone and Email apps on the OnePlus One devices. They can also make Skype calls straight from the Phone app.

For those users located in the United States in is possible to use Cortana for OnePlus One to take hands-free selfies. The phone's AI assistant can also access your schedule and set reminders with voice commands, without the need to unlock the device.

With the new version of the Cyanogen OS, Microsoft brings its Hyperlapse technology to the OnePlus One phone. The camera app has now capability to capture stable time-lapse videos.

According to SlashGear, MOD is the name used to call Cyanogen OS's developer platform for creating new Android experience. This means, in other words, "modification" to existing services and apps. The mods reuse and integrate these existing apps and services without the need to drastically change either Android or the app or to root the device.

Cyanogen has introduced MODs as an incentive for both developers and OEMs to adopt its Android version. With features and mods unavailable in most Google devices, the Cyanogen OS gives OEMs ways to differentiate their devices in the market.

Users can also benefit from options and features that they can mostly find only in rooted devices, custom ROMs, or other third party apps. Cyanogen MODs allow users to keep using their favorite popular services and apps.

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