'Fallout 4' Last DLCs Release Dates Revealed; Pip-Boy Edition Is Entirely New

It is no secret that "Fallout 4" mods have already been made available for Xbox One. Heck, even PlayStation 4 is slated to acquire them soon. But now, Bethesda is poised to unleash new developments for the game in the form of DLCs. Moreover, the studio has introduced a new kind of Pip-Boy edition for the titular title.

According to International Business Times, Bethesda revealed its plans to release new "Fallout 4" contents this summer. The big reveal was made during the company's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) press conference.

The first "Fallout 4" pack in the franchise is called "Contraptions Workshop" and is expected to arrive on the 21st this month. It can be purchased at AU$6.95 (US$5.10). It is said to introduce a new set of gadgets and weaponries, all of which can be a huge lift to the Wasteland settlements improvements.

In July, "Fallout 4" fans will be treated to another DLC titled "Vault-Tech Workshop," which is also priced at the same aforementioned amount. The said expansion is believed to offer players the opportunity to enhance their Vaults in hopes to acquire new Dwellers.

Last on the list is a massive "Fallout 4" update and is expected for an August release. This forthcoming downloadable content will introduce the so-called Nuka-World. The latter is previously known as an amusement park, but has become a town for Raiders as time goes by. The new setting will feature brand new open wasteland park zones, including but not limited to, "Kiddie Kingdom," "Safari Adventure" and "Galactic Zone."

Nuka-World is deemed to be the last and final add-on for Bethesda's ever-popular "Fallout 4" series. The price amounts to AU$29.95 (US$21.99).

In related news, GameSpot reports a new version of the previous "Fallout 4" Pip-Boy Edition. Now, it will be called Deluxe Bluetooth Edition and will be made available at limited quantities.

Unlike the old one, this edition is not just about plugging it to a smartphone. The "Fallout 4" Deluxe Bluetooth Edition arrives with an integrated screen and can be connected to a phone using, well, a Bluetooth feature. Doing so will allow players to utilize a variety of mobile functions, such as phone calls, text messages and music streaming, among others.

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