iPad Gets Netflix Picture-In-Picture Upgrade: What You Need To Know About The New Multi-Tasking Feature

A year ago, Apple introduced the picture-in-picture feature for iPads with the iOS 9 update. And even though iOS 10 is already looming over Apple users, app developers are still trying to catch up with the practical feature. The first ones that got on the train were Twitter, Skype, Slack and YouTube. The latest to join is Netflix for iPad Pro, iPad Air or later and the iPad Mini 2 or later.

According to Mac World, the PIP element allows users to minimize the Netflix window in order to work with or check on other apps, without losing the video. There is no specific button to activate PIP and is automatic when the Netflix app is closed.

However, PC Mag reports that PIP is also activated through the touch of a small icon tha should be at the bottom right-side of the screen.

With PIP, users will no longer need to pause the videos they are watching when they need to check something else. The video being watched will continue to play as the viewers decide to look at other things like social media accounts, emails and other items. The convenience the feature can offer is an appreciated one and Netflix joining the wagon is just proof of consumers' demands.

In the recently concluded Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, the company announced they would incorporate PIP into the MacOS Sierra. This means that the feature will be even more versatile as it can be used while watching videos on Safari or iTunes.

The feature is currently not part of Apple's iOS 10 beta, chances are this will change before the update is realized later this year. With Netflix and the other app developers making the necessary developments to cater to PIP, and Apple's own expansion to MacOS Sierra, the PIP feature is likely to stay put. 

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