2016 Macbook Pro To Become Apple's New Laptop Standard; No Headphone Jack, Upgraded Specs & New Features

Apple's 2016 MacBook Pro is expected to hit markets before the end of this year. Upon its release, it is expected to become the next standard for laptops. Though, at this point, nothing has been confirmed yet, the rumor mill is definitely generating enough theories for the gadget to get a lot of mileage.

According to The Christian Post, Apple is currently retracting their 12-inch MacBook Pros from a number of stores. Despite the high demand for the item that was launched way back in 2008, Apple has pulled it out from displays. This could be the company's way to phase out the model to make room for the upcoming model. It is also this move that is making most tech enthusiasts believe the release will be some time soon.

It has also been said that the new MacBook Pro will get a major redesign from its predecessor. BGR adds that this could mean the removal of the 3.5mm jack. The publication notes that many are doubting this choice and are even against it - probably due to the fact that every mobile user already has a set of earphones for the standard. However, the same site argues that the audio jack will one day have to be removed and that Apple is just steering the path.

Other than this, the new MacBook Pro is expected to come with a Touch ID fingerprint sensor, a USB Type C port and Thunderbolt 3.0 compatible sockets. The USB Type C port reportedly is to make the gadget even thinner than the current one in the market.

The Bit Bag adds that it will have an OLED screen, a dual camera and 256GB storage capacity. It might also feature a retina display. Lastly, Siri, Apple's virtual assistant, will reportedly be available in the 2016 MacBook Pro as well. This feature is currently exclusive to the Apple's line of iPhones.

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