Xiaomi Unveils QiCycle Foldable Electric Bike

By Victor Thomson , Jun 24, 2016 05:35 AM EDT

Xiaomi has launched an electric bicycle called QiCycle that will cost only 2,999 yuan or about $460.

According to the Verge, Xiaomi strives pushing the message that it is a technology company rather than just being a phone company. The company has launched various internet connected devices over the past year, including wearables, air purifiers, kettles and rice cookers. Its latest product is an electric folding bicycle, released under Xiaomi's Mi QiCycle brand.

Engadget reports that Mi QiCycle is the second product from iRiding, a Xiaomi-backed startup. iRiding has released the premium QiCycle R1 just back in March. The bike costs 19,999 yuan or about $3,000.

In order to target the mass market, this time round iRiding is using Xiaomi's "Mi" brand on its latest bicycle. At a total weight of 14.5 kg, the Mi QiCycle weighs almost twice comparing with the carbon fiber-made R1.

For easier storage, the Mi QiCycle can be folded into half its size. The bike comes with a 250W motor which offers pedal assist and a 3-speed hub. On a single charge it can run for up to 28 miles or 45km.

The Mi Qicycle is a smart bike that comes with a Bluetooth connection. The smartphone's companion app can be used to check on the ride stats, bike's status and GPS navigation.

The bike comes also with its own display on the handlebar that shows users useful info such as the speed, distance, time, battery charge and dynamic power. The display allows users to switch between modes such as "Power-saving," "Extra power," "Balanced" and "Fitness."

At the moment, Xiaomi is organizing a crowdfunding campaing for the bike on company's Mijia app. However, for those interested in Xiaomi's Mi QiCycle foldable electric bike, the bad news is that chances are they won't be able to purchase it outside China. 

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