Xbox One Backward Compatibility Offers Over 200 Games; Console Priced The Same As Xbox 360

By Alvin Elfwine , Jun 27, 2016 05:00 AM EDT

Just recently, fans learned that a number of classic titles are coming to Xbox One backward compatibility. And now, the list just seems to grow -- with no stopping at all. In fact, Microsoft has yet to reveal an official end-date, so it is likely for more games to be added. Meanwhile, the company's console is now priced similarly to Xbox 360.

According to Express, the ever-popular Xbox One backward compatibility is now offering over 200 games. These classic titles have found their way to the console, bringing a chilling nostalgic sensation to fans. And what is more interesting? Microsoft has still not revealed an end-date, suggesting that more games will be added to the list.

As reported previously by iTech Post, fan favorites such as "Left 4 Dead" and "Portal 2" were added to the Xbox One backward compatibility line-up. And take note: these games are deemed as cult-classics. Hence lots of fans were happy knowing the addition of these titles.

Moreover, it should be noted that the tech giant just released another handful of games. And yes, all of these can be downloaded and played with ease. There is no doubt that June proved to be the month for gamers, with lots and lots of popular titles arriving almost every single day.

In the last four weeks or so, "Fallout 4: New Vegas" arrived to Xbox One backward compatibility. Meanwhile, most-wanted games have also found their way in and can be checked on the console's official feedback site. All of them are ranked according to the number of votes acquired from gamers and/or fans.

Digital Spy, on the other hand, reports that Xbox One now surprisingly costs the same as the highly celebrated Xbox 360. Perhaps, in hopes to keep up the competition with PS4, Microsoft decided to drop the price of the aforesaid console to $266. And sure enough, such figure is at par (in terms of price, of course) with that of other said console.

Since the release of Xbox One in the mark (sometime in 2013), its price has relatively reduced to almost half of the original. Whereas for Sony's PS4, it remains to be priced at around $402.

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