'Pokemon GO' Beta Version Field Test In UK Already Scheduled? Standalone Device Pokemon Go Plus Already Available For Pre-Order

One of the highly anticipated games this year is "Pokemon GO" from publisher The Pokemon Company. While other countries have already been announced to experience the game's beta phase, UK is poised to be next on the list. Meanwhile, details about the so-called "Pokemon GO" Plus have surfaced.

According to Game & Guide, UK is rumored to be the next region to receive the "Pokemon GO" beta version. In fact, it is believed that the field test has already been conducted and being made open for interested players.

It should be noted that last May 16, Niantic has already unleashed the "Pokemon GO" beta version for Australia, Japan and New Zealand. Players who were involved have given out their respective feedback regarding the upcoming game. The event was done in order to distinguish what needs to be improved and what elements are further needed.

As for the United States, the "Pokemon GO" beta version field test is closing to an end. It is slated to conclude in June 30. As for the next region, UK is the closest one to the list. Rumor has it that Niantic will soon officially announce the next region, probably after the field test in US is done, as reported by Express.

Meanwhile, the so-called "Pokemon GO" Plus is already making rounds on the four corners of the internet realm. It is basically a companion device for the game's mobile app. Users can connect to their phones using a Bluetooth feature and/or GPC capability.

The standalone "Pokemon GO" gadget can be utilized as an alert device whenever a Pokemon is just near the area. Apart from that, fans can also use it as a sort of Pokeball to acquire or capture a Pokemon. Simply put, it takes away all the hassle that gamers will experience when using their smartphones.

The "Pokemon GO" Plus is priced at $34.99 and is already ready for pre-order in both Amazon and GameStop.

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