Google Officially Names Nougat Its Next Version Of Android N

Google decided to call its next version of Android Nougat. OAccording to Recode, the Android N operating system will be made final by Google later this year. As the name for Android N, the giant high-tech company has settled on Nougat.

Google decided to crowdsource this name picking instead of making the decision entirely on its own. The name was chosen on an online poll opened on Android's website. Among the tech press, Nutella was the early favorite.

Beyond its name, Android N is unique in other ways.  For instance, Google released a test version of the upcoming operating system earlier than normal. In March, the Android N was offered as a developer preview. In the past, Google used to unveil previews of its upcoming operating systems at Google I/O annual developer conference.

Google's new Android OS could be here before September, being mentioned a possible Q3 launch. The final developer-build version is scheduled to be launched in July.

Among the features of the Android N are included support for Daydream, improved notifications and a new split-screen mode. Google has announced the Nougat name on various social media blogs, including Twitter. According to Ars Technica, Google also showed off its new statue design.

Recent figures from Google's Android Usage Page show that just 10 percent of current Android devices are running Android Marshmallow, the current version of Google's operating system. For a platform as big as Android, this is an exceptionally low figure. When compare adoption rates to Apple's iOS platform, this is an even more worrisome figure for Google.

According to Know Your Mobile, Google talked extensively at this year's Google I/O 2016 about its plans for Android in the future. The high-tech company is looking for ways to solve fragmentation in its platform. However, for the moment these are just ideas and it will still take time before the company can achieve any advancements in this regard. 

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