Google Nexus Android Wear Leaked: Smartwatches To Run On Android Nougat And Have Two Versions

The brand new Android Nougat is expected to be released soon. While the previous idea was that the system would debut in the upcoming Nexus handset, it seems that Google has other plans.

According to Pocket Lint, Google will be releasing its very first set of Android Wear devices in the form of smartwatches. These new gadgets will reportedly fall under Google's Nexus line, following its line of successful Nexus phones and player.

However, Google will stay away from its traditional route and will manufacture the device without the help of a partner. This will be very interesting since Google has thus far looked outside of the company in order to match their software with the proper hardware.

Two devices are expected to come out, each differing greatly from the other in order to suit specific needs. The first is currently nicknamed Angelfish and the other is called Swordfish.

As Android Police reports, Angelfish will be the larger of the two. The design has visible lugs with a housing shape that curves where the body meets the band. It has three buttons on the right edge, with the middle crown button notably larger than the other two. The device is expected to come with GPS, LTE and a heart-rate monitor.

Angelfish is relatively thick at about 14mm in cross section. In diameter, it spans 43.5mm. It is expected to come in a matte dark gray finish. All in all, it strikes a balance between sporty and subdued.

The other, codenamed Swordfish, will be the smaller and lighter option. It has a gentle and rounded shape, with a single button on the right edge of the body. It is expected to be less advanced than the Angelfish, as it will not have GPS or LTE installed.

The body diameter is 42mm and just 10.6mm thick. The Swordfish is expected to come in three colors: silver, titanium and rose gold.

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