Millions Of Android Devices Infected By HummingBad Malware Due To Poor Security

By Benjie Batanes , Jul 08, 2016 10:40 AM EDT

The HummingBad malware has currently infected almost 100 million Android devices around the world. The rapid spread of the virus is due to the poor security of many devices using the Android platform.

Anti-virus experts believed that the malware started early this year and most probably originated from China, according to Business Insider. The purpose of the virus is to generate money for its maker by making it appear that the user clicked on the ads. Personal information is also being collected and transmitted to the malware owners.

The software stealthily installs a rootkit inside the Android OS. This will enable the malware to take over the device without the knowledge of the owner. Once the device is infected, the only way to remove the malware is by factory reset, according to CNET.

In order to avoid such dire situation, Android users will need to be more security conscious when it comes to the apps they are downloading. Users are advised to scan the downloaded app first before installing it to their devices.

A number of reputable anti-virus apps are also available and some of them can be downloaded for free. It is also much safer to download the apps from the Google Play store. Apps downloaded from a disreputable source can contain multiple malware or viruses.

Google is acutely aware of Android's susceptibility to viruses and numerous malware. A Cambridge University study discovered that an average Android smartphone only has one security update a year. That is clearly not enough protection from the amount of malware popping out every month.

Android is an open system and is installed in various devices by different manufacturers. Each of them has customized the OS a bit in order to conform to the image of their product.

Fortunately, Google will publicly pressure Android device manufacturers to update the security of their products.


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