3 Theories On How Black Holes Are Created

A black hole is one of the most mysterious entities in the known Universe. Many scientific discoveries have proven the existence of these invisible holes, but studies showing solid understanding of where they come from have been very scarce.

Initially, scientists were baffled to discover regions in the universe that seemed to absorb everything, including light. That led to the conclusion that there is probably something in the vast amount of space that is invisible to the naked eye but still exists. Currently, there are at least three theories on how black holes are formed.

1. Black Holes From Dead Stars

Black holes coming from collapsed stars are probably the most popular theory about how these enigmatic objects were formed. According to this theory, a black hole would be born when all the fuel of a particular star gets completely exhausted, causing it to implode and therefore increase its gravitational magnitude. Such increase in gravity allows it to suck every matter in its surrounding area, including light. When this happens, a black hole is formed.

2. After The Big Bang

One theory claims that primordial black holes were formed just after the Big bang. These holes were created from the same energy matter that filled the newly created universe. Since they have gravitational dominance, these entities acquired matter from the first remnants and fragments of the universe. The early entities just after the Big Bang are said to be super-massive black holes and are considered to be voracious "eaters" AWB said.

3. Cloud Gas Black Holes

Another theory on the creation of black holes considers the massive amount of cloud gas as the primary forming material, according to ScienceNews. This particular theory stands against the usual consideration that black holes come from collapsed dead stars. Scientists at the University of Texas at Austin claim that they recently discovered evidence pointing out certain black holes that come from cloud gases that were initially formed in the early years of the universe.

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