'Dark Souls 3' Update: First DLC Arrives In September, Features New Location; Game's Other Expansion Expected Early Next Year

By Alvin Elfwine , Jul 18, 2016 05:10 AM EDT

"Dark Souls 3" proved to be a massive hit when it was first released. Just recently, developer FromSoftware and publisher Bandai Namco managed to ship millions of copies worldwide. Unfortunately for the fans, the franchise is close to its conclusion, with the first DLC of the latest title coming Fall this year. As for the second expansion, they can expect it to arrive early 2017.

It is no secret that the "Dark Souls 3" devs are planning to unleash only two DLCs prior to ending the franchise as a whole. But it was only recently when the contents of the respective release dates were revealed. Surprisingly, it was FromSoftware's very own Hidetaka Miyazaki who broke the news.

According to BREATHECast, the studio is bound to support "Dark Souls 3" with only two expansions -- or at least for the time being. Miyazaki revealed that the first DLC for the game should be expected sometime in Fall this year, while the second one will be released early next year.

Miyazaki also pointed out that with the upcoming "Dark Souls 3" expansions, a complete evolution of it from the original titles will be experienced. Nonetheless, he iterated that the same spirit will be evident. Moreover, the forthcoming expansions will reportedly bring new features -- from enemies to gears. In fact, a new storyline and era are also slated to be covered.

Game & Guide, on the other hand, cites that all rumors about a possible "Dark Souls 3" follow-up title might not be true at all and that FromSoftware is indeed not keen to work on another installment. Instead, the website states that releasing the aforementioned DLCs will be their main priority.

Miyazaki also expressed how happy they are with the current sales progress of "Dark Souls 3" during the past few months. That they did not really expect for such greater heights to happen. Nonetheless, he and the rest of the team are really thankful with the appreciation they are getting from the game's community.

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