Android Users Can Now Directly Download Amazon Prime Videos To SD Cards: 3 Ways This Changes Your Movie Experience

Android users have now a reason to smile once again as they are entitled to download movies online and watch them "offline" whenever, wherever. This simple move of Amazon now provides a satisfying movie service to Android device users as they can now download their favourite movies or TV shows direct to an external memory card. This allows one to watch the content anytime he pleases as it does not hog the internal phone storage unlike with media streaming which requires online service.

1. Watch Movies Without Storing Them On Your Phone's Memory

Amazon's Prime Video, the one similar with a Netflix style of content delivery, now enables users of Android devices to simply stream a movie content online and store it into an external module like a micro SD card. This new feature has excited subscribers now that storage requirements will not be a problem anymore when it comes to movies content. Of course, the amount of content will largely depend on the size of the memory module for proper storage. Moreover, people who have directly purchased movie contents from Amazon can store their files in an external drive as well according to CNet.

2. You Can Upgrade Your Storage Space

The Amazon service tries to compete it out with the usual Netflix-like style of content delivery but with much better promise. Apple devices that involve fixed enclosures won't benefit from the service since memory storage cannot be upgraded. This somehow puts Android users at an advantage when it comes to retrieving entertainment content online.

3. You Pay Less

The cost of Amazon Prime Video service is $99 per year as indicated at ExtremeTech. This allows one to view and download movies without spending too much on data plans. Amazon's version of the movie streaming service is much smaller than the closest competitor which is Netflix. However, the availability of the content for offline viewing may entice more clients than expected. Recent movies are also widely available from Hunger Games to The Wolf of Wall street.

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