'One Punch Man' News & Updates: Season 2 To Focus On Hero Hunter Arc; Is It Good Enough To Get An English-Dub Version?

By Staff Reporter , Jul 19, 2016 05:00 AM EDT

Things are just getting exciting for Season 2 of "One Punch Man." The most-awaited series has created some buzz over the last few weeks.

There are some who trusts it will debut within the year however there are a few who anticipate its delay. The good news though is that the second season of the series is in the works. According to Murata Yusuke, the director of "One Punch Man," the series are being worked since the first quarter of 2016. Though, it could take some time for this to be released.


A lot has been speculating what would be the next turn of events for Saitama after winning the fight against Lord Boros. Season 2 will cover events that are rumored to revolve around the "Hero Hunter" arc. This would prove to be more thrilling than the previous season given that it would welcome Saitama's most prevailing nemesis, Garou.

Apart from this, it is anticipated there would be escalated strain between Saitama and Amai Mask. There could be some new opponents he would need to face in this season.

If these are all rumored to be true, it could be proper as well to name the first episode of season 2: the 'The Strongest Hero' - which sounds fitting given the turn of events. There is a chance as well that Saitama may not be the strongest hero but a villain. 

It has not yet been determined when "One Punch Man" Season 2 will take place. There has been no announcement until now when it will grace the televisions again. However, it is deemed to premier on the last quarter of 2016.

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