Cortana In Xbox One A Gamble By Microsoft A Success?

By Benjie Batanes , Jul 19, 2016 05:00 AM EDT

Putting Cortana in Xbox One is a gamble that seems to be paying for Microsoft. The Cortana voice control interface is still in its testing phase.

 Users would need some time though to get used to Cortana, according to Ventura Beat. Usually, Xbox One owners would need Kinect to "talk" to their console. Testers cautioned that the Cortana voice program is far from perfect. They did concede though that its performance is much better compared than the current Kinect version. One tester was impressed at how the latest Microsoft voice command can "understand" him.

Voice command starts by first saying, "Hey, Cortana." For example, to turn the Xbox One on, the user will say, "Hey Cortana turn on" or "Hey Cortana Xbox on." Kinect voice commands are quite limited. But Cortana has a much larger voice command vocabulary. Users only have to use much simpler syntax with the upcoming voice interface. Microsoft is still updating Cortana and introducing additional features.

Microsoft has also decided to give Xbox One owners a choice if they want to switch to Cortana or retained the old voice command interface. However, users could not use both systems, though, according to the Windows Report. Owners will have to decide which of the two is preferable for them and stick to only one.

The Windows Company has already released instructions for disabling Cortana. Users simply need to click on Guide, then All Settings, System, the Cortana settings. Once there, turn off the first switch.

Once Cortana has been disabled, both headset and dictation voice control will no longer run. The Universal Windows apps voice interface will also not be recognized. Users will only be able to use the old Xbox One voice commands. The Cortana voice command for the Xbox will soon be released to the public by the summer of this year.

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