Shark Sighted At Coney Island Beach: 5 Tips To Prevent The Predator Of The Sea From Attacking

Sharks are probably some of the most feared creatures in the animal kingdom, at least in the seas. While the predators are usually out of sight from the beach lovers, recent news has confirmed that they have been lurking around areas nearby people, casting enormous fears from the population.

The people at Coney Island became the latest victims of frightening sea experience as some of them have confirmed shark sighting in the area. According to CBS Ney York's report, Coney Island patrons were ordered to get out of the beach for a few hours following a shark's fin sighting.

Although there was no direct confirmation that it was indeed a shark, precautionary measures were initiated to prevent and disasters. After a few hours, the beach lovers were cleared to go back but none of them would attempt to go much deeper out in the sea.

Even though shark encounters at the beach side are quite rare, there are five ways to prevent a shark attack. An article from Discovery gives five ways to prevent shark attacks.

1. Not all sharks are big. Some species are small enough to be mistaken as ordinary fishes. Do not touch those that are not familiar as they may have the same teeth structure that could bite you anytime.

2. Refrain from swimming in the deeper side of the ocean if you are heavily tanned. Sharks are attracted to varying color contrasts which will make you a good prey for an attack.

3. Do not swim right after a heavy rain. Smaller fished tend to get washed away to the shore, possibly attracting sharks as well as they feast on their meals.

4. Do not swim out with a good number of shark's food. Avoiding the company of seals and fishes will help prevent shark attacks since you can easily be confused as a prey if you swim with such creatures.

5. Lastly, make sure to swim with a group or with a companion. Shark attacks might be prevented if you have at least someone with you to help if ever the beast attacks.

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