Iphone’s Headphone Jack May Become Extinct: Battery Life vs Sound Quality, What Consumers Want

Most consumers of Smartphones have a common denominator when it comes to the devices no matter what the brand is, that is battery life. With the recent modification of the iPhone 6S having a better battery from its predecessors, one may come to think whether Apple is actually dumping out its headphone jack for a much better design, and therefore bigger battery capacity.

A thinner design would mean that the next iPhones will have to discard the headphone jack altogether to have a form factor that is convenient to hold. Having a thinner body means removing the 3.5 mm jack while extending the battery life needs to find a balance on the next iPhone iteration. CNet explains that that headphones jack which allows for a wired connectivity is still superior when it comes to sound reproduction.

However, the availability of wireless devices or adaptors like Bluetooth may simply augment such feature. Moreover, Techradar suggested that there is an increasing number of DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) adapters that can reproduce good sound quality.

The next iPhone is rumored to have a bigger battery capacity which means that the iPhone 6S could jump from 1714 mAh to 1960 mAh. The small increment of improvement means a long way for users who want to extend the life of their phone activities before the next charging. It can translate to about 90 minutes more of video playback based on the iPhonoe 6S' specifications.

The removal of the headphone jack can make the phone much thinner while increasing its battery capacity. While it is still considered a rumor, the bigger battery life is not the only replacement. Tech enthusiasts also assume that it could be replaced with an additional speaker of some sort. Consumers are still torn between the two possible modifications since some would like to retain better sound quality while others are more eager to have an extended battery life.

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