'Days Of Our Lives' Spoilers: Vivian Alamain Reveals Dark Secret About Tate's Kidnapping

"Days Of Our Lives" now holds one of the greatest mysteries in Salem: Who took Tate, Brady and Theresa's baby? After thorough processing and elimination of other suspects, fans of the show have now come up with a suspect to the kidnapping: Vivian Alamain.

As recalled, Brady and Theresa of "Days Of Our Lives" have already done many things to find out who kidnapped their baby, Tate. The first one on their list was Summer, whom they have already cleared out among the suspects. The two tracked down Summer in Las Vegas and there they found out that Tate was not with her.

Summer admitted that she was paid and even blackmailed to take the baby, however, she did not do it. This information then takes her off the list of people who had motive to take the baby.

Another possible suspect of the kidnapping was Victor, since he has held an obvious grudge towards Theresa throughout the duration of the "Days Of Our Lives." In the upcoming episode, Brady will be confronting Victor about the kidnapping.

However, fans don't seem to find him guilty. According to Inquistr, some viewers have noticed a certain kind of panic on Victor's face to the knowledge of the kidnapping.

Some viewers believe that Victor may be the one behind blackmailing and paying Summer to take the baby. When Summer clearly doesn't have the baby, fans believe that someone else took the baby without Victor's knowledge.

With Victor out of question already, fans have led to the assumption that Vivian Alamain is the one responsible behind the kidnapping. Celebrity Dirty Laundry reported that there have been speculations of her character coming back to Salem soon.

Vivian has always been known to hold a grudge agaist Brady in "Days Of Our Lives." Hence she could be a viable suspect. Vivian also has the money to finance the kidnapping since she has now been successful in becoming a Bollywood movie actress.

The upcoming episodes will eventually show the real person behind the kidnapping of baby Tate. The truth to Vivian's involvement will soon be revealed. 

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