NBA Rumor: Philadelphia 76ers Jahlil Okafor Likely Trade To Boston Celtics?

The Philadelphia 76ers and the Boston Celtics are reportedly talking about trade with regards to Jahlil Okafor. Meanwhile, possible trade with either L.A. Clippers Blake Griffin or Oklahoma Thunder Russell Westbrook appears to be going nowhere.

NBA insiders believed that the Philadelphia 76ers would have to trade one of their players after the team successfully picked Ben Simmons, according to CSN. Aside from Okafor, Noel Nerlens is also being considered for possible trade.

Both players have their own strength and weaknesses. Okafor is a better shooter while Nerlens can run and guard the court better. The 76ers believed that they need Nerlens rather than Okafor. Negotiations are still reportedly ongoing.

The Celtics were able to secure Al Horford to the team just recently. But Boston is still searching for a player or two who could help win games. Okafor has his shortcomings, but he could help achieve the Celtic objective.

There are concerns however if Okafor is a considered good trade for the Boston Celtics. An anonymous NBA official said that Okafor will no doubt make a positive contribution to the team. However, it seems the Celtics want a player who could make immediately put them on the winning streak. The official doubt if Okafor could be that player. There is also the issue where Okafor was involved in an alleged fistfight that occurred in Boston. The 76ers lose the game to the Boston Celtics at that time.

Industry observers believed that Boston Celtics president Danny Ainge is still looking for that one trade that could make his team the next champion. He is reportedly willing to sacrifice draft picks if it could get him a super player.

Ainge is also known for bidding his time and waiting for the right circumstances in getting a great NBA player. This tactic has worked for him in the past and may do so again today.

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