Hubble Telescope Sees Final Frontier: 3 Differences Between 'Star Trek's' Movie Version & Real Life

In light of the upcoming 50th anniversary of the "Star Trek" TV series franchise, fans are now treated to see the actual "final frontier" as an iconic phrase of the TV show. Space telescope Hubble has recently released different sets of images that provide a glimpse of what the final frontier actually looks like in real life. The telescope has found enormous clusters of galaxies deep in Space without even actually going there, like in the "Star Trek" series.

Movies and TV shows in the science fiction genre are fed more likely with imagination and fantasy. In the case of "Star Trek," one may realize at least three differences between the film's final frontier compared to what Hubble has discovered.

Physics Of The Universe

With Hubble, the clusters of galaxies tend to distort space because of gravitational pulls of massive space entities according to National Geographic. This means that the matter in the universe have interacting properties that can distort space, causing light to bend.

In the movie, however, a photon torpedo is used as a weapon. Light waves are composed of photons and the crew will most unlikely hit their target since light can be distorted in space.

Life Beyond Earth

Hubble telescope Frontier Fields program has only been able to take a peek at the distant domains of the universe as Astronomy Now reports. However, it did not confirm any existence of life forms unlike with the movie where the center of the universe is plenty of life, easily interacting with the main characters. As an example, Sybok found an alien being instead when searching for god as depicted in the storyline of the movie.

Distance Measurement

Hubble's images are only representations of image captures from tens of millions years ago. It would be impossible for anyone to arrive at the very source of the light, say for example a planet, without achieving the speed of light. This fact is refuted by the film's warp drive as the protagonists venture in all directions of space.

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