Pokemon Go Tips and Tricks: Pokemon Go Master Shares Secret In Getting All 142

By Benjie Batanes , Jul 23, 2016 05:48 AM EDT

A Pokemon Go master, named Nick Johnson has become the first player to capture all 142 kinds of Pokemon in the game. He has recently shared some tips and tricks on how to catch them all.

Pokemon Go trainers should be prepared to walk long distances in their search for the monsters. Players are advised to do brisk walking or jogging rather than strolling to get better results from the game. Johnson said that he walked an average of around 13 kilometers daily in his hunt for the Pokemon, according to Business Insider.

New players are advised to concentrate their efforts in catching the most numerous Pokemon creatures rather on the rare ones. Players will have an easier time leveling up while expanding the minimal amount of candies.

Spending real cash in Pokemon Go and getting little in return is a real risk. Players can improve their returns if they spend it on egg incubators instead. Pokemon trainers have one out of three chances of successfully hatching the egg.

Pokemon Go players can also inquire with other players in their search for Pokemon monsters, Pokestops and battle gyms. Many are willing to help. There are several online communities where Pokemon trainers can chat and give their updates to the group.

Patience is also needed in capturing Pokemon creatures. There are several popular Pokestops where rare Pokemon appear. They regularly appear in scheduled intervals. Player must make sure they are in the vicinity and at the right time.

Players are advised to get an earlier Niantic game called Ingress. Like Pokemon Go, it is also an augmented reality game. Much of Ingress map data were extensively used for the Pokemon Go. The old game contained some white dots known as exotic matter (XM). The denser the XM in a certain location, the more likely a rare Pokemon can be found at that area.

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