'Pokemon GO' Guide: How To Catch Rare Pokemons, Own And Win Gym Battles

By Alvin Elfwine , Jul 25, 2016 05:40 AM EDT

Almost all "Pokemon GO" fans want to know the secrets to acquiring lots of Pokemons. In reality, there is actually a way to catch rare species, even the ones that are hiding. But of course, winning gym battles is as important as getting them.

"Pokemon GO" Tracker

Thanks to a "Pokemon GO" tracker, knowing the exact location of a Pokemon can be possible. This tool basically guides a player to the whereabouts of a specie. The so-called app, according to Business Insider, has been out for a week or so already.

The "Pokemon GO" tracker can be seen on the lower-right side of a user's smartphone screen. It informs the players as to what Pokemons -- especially the rare ones -- are near the surrounding area. That way, they need not to walk and/or run a few meters just to find a creature.

Play "Pokemon GO" With Ingress

There is also another workaround to catching other "Pokemon GO" species. And yes, this is made possible thanks to Ingress, an app also created by Niantic. Sure enough, it is a very useful tool for hunting Pokemons.

The white dots on the said "Pokemon GO" app are called "exotic matter" (XM). The areas in which these dots are mostly seen point to a key location where most Pokemons usually pop up. If, perhaps, players are having a bit trouble using the aforementioned tracker, Ingress can be a great substitute.

"Pokemon GO" Gym Battles

Nonetheless, "Pokemon GO" is not just about catching Pokemons -- owning and winning battles are also an integral part of it. As reported by USGamer, the starting phase of the game is all about acquiring species while earning XP points to increase the Trainer Level.

As soon as "Pokemon GO" level 5 is reached, players are given the opportunity to choose a team -- namely, Team Instinct (Yellow), Team Valor (Red) and Team Mystic (Blue). This is where owning and winning gym battles substantially take place.

Defending and Attacking "Pokemon GO" Gyms

In defending a "Pokemon GO" gym, the key is to assign a Pokemon that has enough abilities to defend it. Doing so can improve the gym's overall prestige as well as its defense abilities. As for taking over another gym, preparation is of utmost importance. After all, it is not an easy task to do. It will require players to have stronger and battle-efficient Pokemons who are equipped to dethrone a gym.

Use Efficient Pokemons In "Pokemon GO" Gym Battles

So what is the secret to owning and winning a "Pokemon GO" gym? The answer relies on the set of Pokemons players have. That their species must be powered-up and are well-evolved in order to ensure strong competition. A better way to achieve such milestone is through Candy and Stardust, something that can strengthen their creatures.

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