Nintendo NX Release Date, News & Updates: Console To Be Hybrid Home And Mobile Gaming Device With Killer Specs

Move over Playstation and Xbox as Nintendo is now prepping up the release of the Nintendo NX gaming console. The report from reliable resources claims that it has a killer specs that will outshine the features of its competitors. The Nintendo NX release date has not been finalized yet but according to sources, it will be available my March next year.

Polygon mentioned of a feature that will allow a player to use the Nintendo NX at home as a dedicated gaming console while also enabling it as a mobile device for playing. It is a hybrid solution that will entice gamers to buy since it can be both stationary and mobile.

A big part of the device is a tablet like system that is similar to what we have seen in Wii U gamepad. Only this time, there are two screens on either side of the controller. However, the good thing about this is that the panels can be detached so that two gamers can play simultaneously.

A post at Eurogamer also provided some details on how the console can be used at home. There will be an available dock that can project the games into one's TV for bigger screen display gaming.

The powerful Nvidia Tegra processor will also be the centerpiece of the console providing seamless gaming experience. Some criticize the choice of a powerful processor since it cannot be compared to a performance rate of other consoles attached to a wall power outlet.

Some reports say that the Nintendo NX will run an Android-based OS but this is highly unlikely since a new Nintendo system will be in place. Nintendo recommends a cartridge with at least 32 Gb of storage space. While many may consider this small, it can easily pack games at optimum quality. Of course, digital game downloads will also be expected as a natural part of the Nintendo NX system.

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