'GTA 5' DLC 'Biker Gang' August Release Date Revealed; New Possible Features Teased

"GTA 5" has already been thought to receive a new DLC called "Biker Gang." Unfortunately, its release date remains a mystery. However, according to recent reports, it seems the content could possibly arrive sometime in August. While Rockstar remains mum about its entirely, the add-on's possible features might have been revealed.

According to Christian Times, the upcoming "GTA 5" DLC could possibly be released next month, particularly on August 2. Rumor has it that its arrival will coincide with the so-called Stunt Race creator.

The "Biker Gang" DLC for "GTA 5" is believed to offer players some brand new features. Among these is a supposed garage or property in which they can keep their motorcycles. After all, it rhymes with the supposed content's title.

Moreover, the files found in "GTA 5" have hinted the soon-to-be-missions in the game. It is believed to involve "joust," "initiation," "vehicle export," "bad dead" and "rescue contact," among others. Nonetheless, since none of these have been officially confirmed by Rockstar, they should be taken with a grain of salt.

As previously reported here at iTech Post, the community itself confirmed the existence of these "GTA 5" files. In fact, they have been there for a while. Hence it could mean that the devs have already started working on the aforementioned DLC.

"GTA 5" developer Rockstar is known to develop and unleash massive DLC's, each bigger and better than the other. One of the recent contents released is the "Cunning Stunts," the content in which the alleged "Biker Gang" files were mined.

"Cunning Stunts" allows "GTA 5" players to showcase out of this world skills. From creating the craziest all the way to the wildest possible acts, these have been made possible. In addition, with the coming of yet another DLC, a new excitement can once again be expected.

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