Apple Takes A Subtle Stand, Removes Guns From Emoji List And Adds More Genders

When iOS 10 comes out this fall, Apple users can expect more than just bug and tech corrections. In fact, there are plenty of fun little changes that users can start having fun with when the update becomes available.

As PC Mag notes, Apple made the very intentional decision to have a more diverse set of emoji characters. While the Cupertino-based company already included LGBT couples and families before, the scope is much more fast now.

Genders and races are no longer applicable to certain occupations. In a refreshing move, Apple has given users the option to send a woman rockstar, engineer, doctor and graduate. Meanwhile, there is also a group of single dads in the mix.

The inclusion of more female professionals is all thanks to Google. Back in May, the company submitted a proposal for more female professional emojis.

And as ABC Action News adds, Apple is dropping the steel pistol and replacing it with a water gun. This change was brought about by an organization called the New Yorkers Against Gun Violence. The group started a campaign to get rid of the relatively popular emoji. Apple listened, and the pistol will no longer be available with the iOS 10 update.

There are a hundred different emojis that are coming with iOS 10, including rainbow flag. What is great about the diversity, is that Apple is taking a subtle, yet necessary stand against discrimination of most forms.

Truth is, the new emojis have been available since Unicode 9.0 was released in June. However, companies like Apple take a few months to adopt the changes in their own software. As Apple released in a statement, it is "working closely with the Unicode Consortium to ensure that popular emoji characters reflect the diversity of people everywhere." The upcoming release of the iOS 10, expected in September, should be just enough time.

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