Apple MacBook Pro 2016 News & Update: Most Rumors Might Prove Wrong

Many rumors about Apple's upcoming MacBook Pro 2016 have made their way in the pre-release period. If you are to believe them all, this would be the computer of your dreams coming in a light, slim package. However, some of the Apple's fans might get disappointed as most of these rumors and speculations might actually prove wrong.

According to The Next Web, if we would take all the rumors into account, Apple will completely redesign the upcoming MacBook Pro and add the most interesting features. For instance, some tech analysts claim that Apple will squeeze a dedicated Touch ID hardware into the upcoming flagship laptop.

Since it has been also speculated that the dimensions of the MacBook Pro 2016 will get slimmer, it is unlikely that a new Touch ID hardware would fit a laptop case close in dimensions to the MacBook Air. That means Touch ID is something that will just not going to happen. S

One more reason to believe MacBook Pro 2016 will not feature Touch ID is the fact that Apple recently created a way to use the Apple Watch to authenticate a MacBook log-in.  The same protocol can also be used for online Apple Pay transactions.

The rumored OLED bar is another feature that is almost certain is not going to happen. It is most likely that Apple would prefer to keep it simple. An OLED bar would introduce too many technical and hardware complications. Repairs on the new MacBook Pro's OLED bar would also likely be too expensive.

A MacBook featuring a Lightning port is again an unlikely idea.  Bluetooth headphones are reliable and easy to come by. A Lightning port simply for headphones would be a waste of space.

The rumored LTE technology might not also be included in the upcoming MacBook 2016.  And, according to MacWorld, even if Intel is going to launch its new generation Kaby Lake chips, the MacBook Pro 2016 might still not be powered by them.

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