Skype Expands Its Features With Travel Bots

By Victor Thomson , Aug 04, 2016 06:01 AM EDT

On Wednesday, August 3, Microsoft announced that new bots have been introduced to the Skype messaging app in order to make it easier for users to buy concert tickets, plan travel and even chat with Spock of the USS Enterprise.

According to Tech Crunch, Microsoft announcement has followed the launch of a new version of the Skype Windows 10 app. The expanded collection of Skype bots are the first round of artificial intelligence Skype add-on created by Microsoft and its commercial partners.

According to PCMag, Microsoft already unveiled the bot framework in April, at its Build developers conference. The Skype bot directory has already gathered bots created by small-time developers.

In a limited preview, Microsoft introduced earlier this year the first Skype automated chat assistants. The new bots announced by Microsoft come to enlarge Skype bot collection. Among the new bots are included StubHub, Hipmunk, Skyscanner and several other commercial bots.

The so-called "group bot" Hipmunk allows users to add it to a group Skype chat and use it to vote on their next restaurant meal or vacation. The bot, same as the Hipmunk's website, it will find the best hotel and flight options based on user preferences, such as vacation theme, price and others.

Skyscanner is a bot related to the website carrying the same name. The travel website is specialized in aggregating airfares to help users find the cheapest offer. The Skype bot will return live rote and price options.

The Stubhub bot is specialized in finding the best seats at the lowest prices for concerts, games and other major events. The Spock bot comes for the delight of Trekkies and will let them chat with the USS Enterprise officer from Vulcan.

Skype VP Gurdeep Pall wrote in a blog post that the new bots incorporated in Skype are just a step toward the "CaaP [Conversations as a Platform] vision." He explained that the Skype's developers team has worked closely with various partners in order to advance "the realities of conversational computing."

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