Great News For Sports Fans: BBC Brings 360-Degree Virtual Reality Coverage Of Rio Olympics 2016

By Sarene Mae Butao , Aug 05, 2016 05:43 AM EDT

You can now watch the summer Olympics games outside Rio with multiple devices as the biggest and grandest sport event kicks off this August 5. Rio 2016 is known by its official name, XXXI Olympiad. The event will run for two straight action-packed, sports-filled weeks.

Its closing ceremony will be on August 21 before the Paralympics starts on September 7. For many sports fans around the world who wanted to catch the games to support their respective countries and explore the beautiful Rio de Janeiro but cannot be there in person, the best way is accessing it on the go with your smartphones and tablets.

For the first time in history, the Olympics will be accessible through virtual reality. Sources said that BBC will stream 100 hours of 360-degree audiovisual though a new app. This is a whole new viewing experience for the users as they watch the games by just mounting their VR headsets. It is also the first time that BBC will hold a live broadcast of sports events in a video format. They stated, however, that the app is experimental.

According to Live Science, Tech giant company, Google, has also offered their 'Rio: Beyond the Map' project in preparation for the summer Olympics. It has been released publicly on July 29 that features include archival materials and striking video, interactive media and artistic Cariocas' profiles 

The title of the project refers to Rio's favelas, where these poorly mapped neighborhood comprise 20 percent of the town's population. Mapping these areas is part of another Google inventiveness, the "On the Map" project. The project starts with a 360-degree video of a motorbike cab outing up a hillside through the thin, winding streets of Sao Carlos favela. It then allows the users to learn more about the landmarks through the interactive landscape.

Google has integrated their familiar Street View technology together with the narration in virtual trips of more than 20 well-known scenes in Rio, the panoramic view of statue of Christ the Redeemer for example. The trips are also accessible on a VR headset, such as Google Arts and Culture and Google Cardboard app on both Android and iOS. Using these new technologies can take your summer Olympics experience to the next level, Wired reported.

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