'Girl Meets World' Season 4 News & Updates: Maya Causes Riley And Lucas' Relationship Split

By Marion , Aug 06, 2016 05:20 AM EDT

Despite the uncertainty of "Girl Meets World" to get its fourth season, fans have already assumed a  possible storyline for the series. Speculations are high that there will be a love triangle that will develop in the storyline, with Maya allegedly causing Riley and Lucas breaking up.

"Girl Meets World" is currently on its third season, airing on Disney Channel. In line with this, fans are already excited for its fourth season. Fans of the show are keen on witnessing a love story developing more on the series' storyline, despite the writers seemingly trying to put an end to it already.

According to Parent Herald, the fourth season of "Girl Meets World" will be filled with more adventure and fun, plus a possibility or Riley and Lucas breaking up, to be caused by the latter's best friend, Maya, causing a love triangle. There has been no confirmation to this storyline just yet, however, let alone the confirmation of the show being renewed for its fourth season.

There have been reports that if "Girl Meets World" does get renewed for a fourth season, it may possibly not air on Disney Channel anymore, but rather, on Freeform instead. Fans of the show claim that it doesn't matter where the show will be aired. As long as the storyline and the show will be given a well-deserved treatment, it doesn't matter where it will be aired, as reported by Game and Guide.

In addition to the love triangle being pushed by the fans, there have also been reports of the cast of "Boy Meets World" to appear on the show "Girl Meets World," thus, creating a crossover of the two shows.

Although there hasn't been any confirmation yet as to the premiere of the fourth season of "Girl Meets World,' fans are extremely hopeful that it will surely be renewed.

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