Samsung S8 And S8 Edge Release Date And New Leaked Features

Samsung is doing the best they can to make a big push into virtual reality with their Gear VR headset. This requires sharp screens on their devices. Their current QHD, as what the Samsung Galaxy S7 features, is more than sharp enough when it is applied to a phone but it is not great for VR. Perhaps Samsung will have a strong push on upgrading their resolution for the future Samsung Galaxy flagships.

With their brand new Bio Blue technology, there is a possibility that Samsung could fit a 5.5 inch 4K UHD screen for their upcoming Samsung S8 and S8 Edge devices. Based on the reports from Yibada, the tech giant recently revealed their new Bio Blue technology that is proven to have greater power efficiency and more vivid compared to their existing Super AMOLED screens. This would prove that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy flagship will have a better display board.

With both S6 and S7 having quite a lot in common in terms of their design, fans would like to see some improvements particularly on the design of the new smartphones. Tech enthusiasts expect a more refined body for Samsung Galaxy S8, probably more curve for its Edge version or a thinner phone.

According to Tech Radar, the tech giant is reportedly working on a new camera, which ranges between 18-24 megapixels that has an f/1.4 aperture, a little wider than the latter f/1.7 of Samsung Galaxy S7. A wider opening on the camera allows more light to enter for more detailed images and boost the megapixel count. But there is no confirmation if this new camera links to the new Galaxy device.

The next Samsung flagship will probably come with 6GB of RAM and run on a Snapdragon 830 chip, which is smaller, faster and more efficient than Snapdragon 820. However, the Snapdragon 830 name is not official yet but it has been rumored. According to Tech Radar, people could also see an iris scanner on this new phone. Samsung is also seemingly working on a new feature called 'Smart Glow' which can flash different colors for various notifications. There is no exact date of release for Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Edge but it is likely to be launched in early 2017.


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