‘One Punch Man Season 2’ Release Date, Leaks And Rumors

By Sarene Mae Butao , Aug 09, 2016 04:50 AM EDT

The manga turned anime TV series 'One Punch Man' is now planning on returning to the small screen with a brand new season. However, there is no exact date of when will be the release of this rumored second season. Fans are now busy predicting on what will be the look of this new season for the unpredictable bald-headed superhero, Saitama.

According to the reports from MNR Daily, the manga creator, Yusuke Murata, is reportedly busy working on the series' storyline and chapters that are rumored to be out this coming October. On the other hand, anime creators are also busy wrapping up the storyline for the brand new episodes of the manga's anime version. The latest reports reveal that they may consider several twists on the plot and possibly move themselves away from the original story of the manga.

Based on the reports from Breathe Cast, the first episode of 'One Punch Man' season 2 will be named as 'The First Hero.' The episode highlights Lord Boros' improved version that enables him to withstand and counter Saitama's heavy punches. Plus, the new Lord Boros is set to acquire a power to regenerate which means that he is now capable of receiving heavy hits from his adversaries, as well as having a faster healing time than usual.

'One Punch Man' season 2 also plans on introducing other antagonists that Saitama will most probably face. This includes Amai Mask, a Class A Rank who is ready to witness the mystery of Saitama's power. He is rumored on planning an all-out attack against the Hero Association in order to lure Saitama out. He joined the dark side believing that the Class S Heroes are held accountable for causing multiple damages in the city. The vicious monster, Garou, is also expected to make an appearance. With this possible appearance of Garou, it will make the anime TV series diverge from the original storyline of the manga.

Rumors are circulating for the possible airing of the second season. According to some sources, the anime is set to be aired in October but some suggests that it might take time for the manga to finish, which brings the launching date as early as 2018. 

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