Microsoft Says Apple Offers 'Obsolete' Technology To Costumers

The General Manager of the Surface brand of Microsoft, Brian Hall, has commented about Apple giving its customers poor service by not developing the Apple computers.

The case with Apple is that it has already been in the industry for so long. Perhaps, it may have lacked the innovation that it once had due to the death of Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple. Or maybe, it is because of the impending doom that Apple experiences because of recycling of ideas. These maybe some of the reasons why Apple is being criticized by many.

The latest criticism that the company has received was from Brian Hall, who is Microsoft's general manager of Surface line. Brian Hall posted a tweet on Thursday that said, "I compete with Apple and respect them. but they ARE doing their customers a disservice at times with old tech..."

However, Apple did not respond to that tweet. Some people may feel sympathetic to Hall.

The people who have used MacBook Air confesses that it was nice to be using that kind of gadget but when thoroughly looking at it, it seems like it has been made longer than the age of old people.

Though the gadgets are said to be very useful, it is not made to amaze. It is rather efficient than chic. Maybe the Apple company should think of that on their next product lines.

People should just wait for the company to develop its own products. But there is also a possibility that the company is discouraging people from using the other computers altogether.

It was reported that Apple has somewhat responded to the comment that Hall has said. Just this week, the company has released its new ad about the new iPad Pro which seems like a mix of a tablet and computer. It was some sort of a miracle.

In this way, one should buy a stylus, also called the Pencil, as well as investing on a keyboard. It is just the same as the airlines give an individual some special offers. For most of the people living in the world, the function and description of a computer is a thing that is not heavy to carry and can easily be brought anywhere. There are also others who think that computers are the old ones that are still sitting on the desks.

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