Pokemon Go Is Building The Future For 'Real-World Interaction Gaming'

By Jomar Teves , Aug 10, 2016 05:00 AM EDT

In the world of mobile gaming, the newest and hottest game for now is Pokemon Go. However, according to a study, gamers in the future should expect that even better interactive and realistic games will be developed.

Today, a group of researchers said that the new imaging technique of the latest computer science technology gives the imaginary character the ability to interact with the objects in the real world.

The researchers have reported that this new imaging technique is called the Interactive Dynamic Video. This is usually used in taking pictures of real objects and then makes it to form video simulations so that people can interact with the 3D models.

The researchers further added that with the help of this new technological advancement, builders of buildings and bridges can use this in simulating responses to any disastrous situations.

The new mobile game called Pokemon Go is turning images to move in the surroundings of the gamers. One of the reasons why this game is very popular to people nowadays is because the Pokemon monsters were part of a popular anime series which has been trending for a decade.

Though it is somewhat common now for 3D models to be moving like they were really in the real world, it is still difficult to make these characters interact with the real objects. The researchers have further explained that this would cost surely cost developers tons of money.

But that could not be a problem anymore since the new imaging technique, the Interactive Dynamic Video could make that possible without spending expensive amounts.

A computer scientist at the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and also the lead author of the study, Abe Davis, said that "When I came up with and tested the technique, I was surprised that it worked quite so well."

Furthermore, there is a very big possibility that this new and groundbreaking technology will be used not only in games like Pokemon Go, but in real-life processes.

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