‘Deadpool 2’ To Feature Jokes On Several Superhero Sequels, Says Producers

The first 'Deadpool' movie had succeeded on throwing several mocks on random situations and even on Deadpool himself. Simon Kinberg, producer of the film, confirms that the movie's sequel will poke fun on some superhero sequels and maybe perhaps its very own sequel. These types of situations are easy targets to mock, so when you summed up all the mockery that comes from Deadpool himself, its priceless or at the very least, it is more than just your ordinary comedy jokes. However, there is no further details on whether Deadpool will also make some references to other movies and make fun of the 20th Century Fox's X-Men franchise particularly on its bad reviews.

According to Movie Fone, Kinberg shares some of his views for the upcoming Deadpool sequel. Kinberg said that Deadpool 2 will share his comments on what is happening to the movies right now, particularly in the superhero movies. He added that they will play around with the film's sequels. Its nature and production will be their main target. Based on the reports from Screen Crush, Deadpool will be expected to pull some jokes on the biggest trend in 2016 such as internal conflicts among superheroes like Iron Man and Captain America on Captain America: Civil War and Batman and Superman on the film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

It is likely that Deadpool will spend the whole duration of the movie fighting against his supposed associates. While Deadpool's mockery focuses mostly on other franchises, the biggest question fans have in mind is if they will try to pull a joke about their own characters. However, there is no further details about this idea. It will be more interesting if that will actually happen.

While there is no leaked release date for this upcoming Deadpool sequel, it has been heavily rumored that Deadpool 2 will be coming at some point in 2018. Nevertheless, it would be more entertaining and humorous than before.


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