Get Ready For iTank: Apple Receives First Vehicle-Related Patent

By Ray Pilares , Aug 10, 2016 04:40 AM EDT

There are a lot of speculations that Apple is going to be involved in developing its very own vehicle. Based on an article by Forbes, Apple CEO Tim Cook has refused to make any comments that would give light to the company's commitment to developing its own car, but news came out that the company has received its first patent that has something to do with vehicles.

People might think that Apple would toy with reinventing the car, or maybe coming up with a better way of steering a vehicle, but based on its patent it is doing something totally unexpected. Instead of a sleek car, the company's patent was for a vehicle that is more like a tank.

Gizmodo reports that the patent received by Apple is related with articulated vehicles. These vehicles are equipped with joints that pivot in the middle. That setup is now seen in in large buses in some cities today.

This development points out to the possibility that there would be an Apple bus coming soon. The patent itself deals with the linking mechanism that connects the two parts of the vehicle. The development is aimed at improving the driver's control of both parts of the vehicle, which is a big deal when travelling over snow or ice.

The drawings for the patent indicate a contraption more like a bus riding on treads, which makes it somewhat similar to a tank. Though the patent is not what Apple fans are hoping for, it is a good indication that the company might tackle more complicated transportation problems in the future.

A lot of people are still hoping that an Apple car would be coming soon on our roads with the same types of innovation that the company has introduced when it comes to smartphones and personal computing. 

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