‘Pokemon Go’ Guide: Avoid Injuries, Accidents By Taking These Safety Tips

By Benjie Batanes , Aug 12, 2016 05:24 AM EDT

"Pokemon Go" is a mobile app game that has caught the imagination of the many people around the world. It is important however, that players should make safety their first priority as they play this highly addictive augmented reality (AR) game.

1. Players Should Always Be Aware Of Their Surroundings

"Pokemon Go" trainers should keep their eyes on the road if they are driving. A number of people sustained injuries or even died because they let themselves get distracted by the game. It is also a lot safer to play in adequately lighted areas especially at night. There are also places where players are not allowed to enter. Entering restricted areas can result in the player's apprehension by the police or even endanger their lives.

2. Always Keep Your Internet data Limits In Mind

The addictiveness of "Pokemon Go" tends to make players forget about their data limit. Players should keep this in mind if they do not want to pay additional Internet charges.

3. Players Should Be Wary Guard Against Criminals And Sexual Predators

Minors and females playing "Pokemon Go" should exercise caution especially if they are out of the house and playing at night. There have been reports where criminal elements have used lures to attract their "Pokemon Go" victims. Hunting in groups is a lot safer.

4. Players Should Take Provisions Before Going Out

"Pokemon Go" is different from other games since it encourages its players to go out and play. This usually means that aspiring trainers will need to take long walks in order to catch Pokemon. Players will need to take refreshments to sustain them in their quests.

5. Players Should Keep An Eye On Their Personal Properties

Crowded areas are favorite hunting grounds of thieves. "Pokemon Go" players should be alert when they find themselves mingling with a large group of strangers. It is always best to hunt for Pokemon in groups to discourage meeting unsavory characters.

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