Pokemon Go Update: Niantic Becomes World's Most Popular Game Publisher

By Ray Pilares , Aug 13, 2016 04:20 AM EDT

Pokemon Go is proving to be so popular that it has helped push the company behind it to reach a new milestone. According to a report by Fortune, Pokemon Go developer Niantic is now the most popular game publisher in the world. It has managed to dethrone King, the maker of the hit game Candy Crush.

SimilarWeb, a marketing development firm, was the one that came up with the findings. The firm used information and data gathered from installations on Android devices. Out of the total of 183 countries that were surveyed, Niantic became the top game publisher in 45 countries.

King is not far behind, since it managed to top in 39 countries that were surveyed. The countries King topped included Malaysia, Egypt and India. But King's performance in the survey was a far cry from the time when it topped in 60 countries.

There is nothing surprising with Niantic being the most popular game publisher. Pokemon Go is taking the world by storm. The game broke the record when it comes to the most number of Apple downloads for the first week. Pokemon Go was able to receive 7.2 million downloads on Apple on the first week compared with Candy Crush Jelly Saga's 1.8 million.

According to The Seattle Times, Outfit7 comes in third as the developer with the most countries where it is most popular. This game publisher is the one behind Talking Tom which is a virtual pet game. This game is popular in Central Asia and in some parts of Eastern Europe.

With the popularity of Pokemon Go still rising, Niantic's star is just bound to get brighter. Google and Nintendo are both investors on Niantic and it is predicted that the company would become more valuable. All in all, Pokemon Go was able to earn more than $200 million just in its first month alone.

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