HTC Offers Free Games Bundle With Vive VR Headset

By Victor Thomson , Aug 13, 2016 03:00 AM EDT

HTC announced on Friday, August 12, that starting now, it will offer a voucher for three free virtual reality games to any customer who purchases a Vive VR headset.

According to Engadget, this measure has been taken in order to help soften the HTV Vive's $800 price tag. The HTC Vive Business Edition costs even more, coming with a price tag of $1200.

HTC has negotiated deals with various game studios in order to offer customers free games with each headset purchase. On the HTC Vive blog, the company has announced that it changed its SteamVR bundle. The "Tilt Brush" game is staying in the bundle but the "Job Simulator" and "Fantastic Contraption" are swapped out for a two new games.

One of the new games is a dark adventure inspired by 80s fantasy films, called "The Gallery - Episode 1: Call of the Starseed." The second of the new duo is called "Zombie Training Simulator" and it is a shooter game. Buyers of the HTC Vive VR headset will receive the codes needed in order to freely download the titles from the Steam gaming service.

According to Destructoid, HTC aims to make a good impression when a Vive owner uses the VR headset for the first time, and the games bundle chosen by the company seems like a good selection. The "Tilt Brush" normally sells for $29.99, "The Gallery" would normally cost $29.99 and the "Zombie Training Simulator" sells normally for $19.99.

"The Gallery" is a well-constructed, polished old-school adventure game that has been updated with some modern technology. The characters move around by teleporting.

"Tilt Brush" is a virtual realty art program. The players can enjoy creating light trails and adding special effects like sparkles or snow to their creation.

"Zombie Training Simulator" is a shooter game where the player must fight zombies. The zombies are cardboard-looking and flat, so the game seems like a shooting gallery.

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