Pokemon Go Game Guide: The Right Time To Evolve And Power Up Your Pokemon

By Sarene Mae Butao , Aug 13, 2016 05:20 AM EDT

One of the main goals of the massive worldwide hit game Pokemon Go is to go out and catch Pokemon. This is also the best thing to do if your level is still low. By successfully capturing a Pokemon, it will give you experience points that you will need in order for you to level up. However, if you are observant enough, you will be able to detect that each Pokemon has different types of so-called potential. This potential is an indicator of how strong is your Pokemon. High base CP Pokemon is not directly considered as strong and it does not mean that you will quickly settle on that Pokemon. If capturing Pokemon seems too easy, making decision on when to power up and evolve your Pokemon is surprisingly complicated as you think.

According to Fanboy Attack, as you gather Pokemon, not all CP level of the captured Pokemon are the same. The combat points are essential when fighting especially doing Gym Battles. It indicates how strong the Pokemon is at the moment. It is also probably the driving force for the Pokemon's desire to evolve. Both Powering up and evolving Pokemon requires Stardust and Candy. Stardust is obtainable through catching Pokemon, leveling up and storing Pokemon at Gyms. On the other hand, Candy is specific to a certain Pokemon specie such as Bulbasaur Candy, Lapras Candy and so on.

According Eurogamer, powering up Pokemon increases its CP at the moment but it does not take into account its possible strength in the future. It is highly suggested that Pokemon with highest potential are the ones you should spend your Stardust on. The Pokemon's potential is based on its hidden stats given randomly to each captured Pokemon. The white bar located above your Pokemon shows how close it is to the max level. Powering up raises the Pokemon level that caps out 1.5 Level above the current trainer's level. The cap increases as you level up.

Evolving Pokemon is also another way to gain XP in a short period of time. And the perfect time to evolve a Pokemon is to wait patiently and catch higher level Pokemon later on. When you are just starting, collecting and saving those Pidgeys and Caterpies is the best way you can do though it is quite tempting to do evolutions in the early game. 


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