Rockstar To Unveil GTA 6 At Gamescom 2016? Game To Arrive Along With PS5, Xbox Two

GTA 6 is a direct result of the franchise's massive success. Hence it would not be a wonder if it arrives. Nonetheless, its release date -- let alone its would-be features -- still remain a mystery. But of course, it does not mean rumors are dead. Now, the upcoming title is believed to be unveiled at the forthcoming Gamescom 2016 event.

GTA 6 and Red Dead Redemption 2 are among the two titles fans have been so eager about since time immemorial. After all, these two games came from Rockstar's hall of success. Unfortunately, the studio has been very keen on releasing any details about them, but the community still remains optimistic.

According to GameNGuide, there is a big chance that GTA 6 - along with Red Dead Redemption - will be finally unveiled at Gamescom 2016. Pretty much the same with Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), the event will cover anything about digital gaming. It is scheduled later this month.

While the GTA 6 big reveal at the aforementioned event is quite interesting, it remains a speculation unless Rockstar confirms it. There are also talks about the company unleashing the title to the public without notice. This is rooted from the fact that the franchise has earned a big name in the market, thus a new title will not really require an event of any sort.

N4BB, on the other hand, reports that Take-Two hints at the possible projects Rockstar will be working at -- and yes, this could include GTA 6. The aforesaid title is deemed to release in either 2018 or 2020, the timeline where next-generation consoles (Xbox Two and PS5) will be unleashed. In fact, the development of the game is believed to have already started.

GTA 6 is said to veer away from the usual gameplay the previous titles offered. It will feature a big map, which allows players to transfer from a certain location to another. Moreover, the game is believed to exist outside of the US territory - specifically in London. A female protagonist is also expected to be introduced, with actress Eva Mendes being the voice behind the character.

What do you think about GTA 6 being unveiled at Gamescom 2016? Do you think Rockstar will do such move? If not, where and when? Share your perspective in the comment section below!

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