'Pokemon Go' Curve Ball Tip: Zubats As Target Practice

By Jupiter Isidro , Aug 16, 2016 04:10 AM EDT

It's your first time to play "Pokemon Go". You're excited and hyped going to Pokestops and hunting Pokemons, then you encounter a wild Zubat. Excitingly, you throw a Pokeball, you miss on the first throw, then on the second, then ultimately catch it after a few tries. But you don't mind, it's "Pokemon Go" and it's how the game works. After a few days, there we go again, Zubats, Zubats everywhere! You check your Pokemon inventory, and it's infested with Zubats. The excitement degrades as you start to ignore these wild Zubats appearing almost everywhere. Even is annoyed by these bat-like Pokemons. It is a waste of Pokeballs.

How to turn this into something positive?

Simple, when your "Pokemon Go" life gives you Zubats, you can actually make them as target practice to perfect your Curve Ball move. Everyone knows that when trying to capture a Zubat, it takes more than one Pokeball. Why? Because they move a lot, and the capture surface area is small.

How to master the Curve Ball move?

You might not know it but there is a Curve Ball throw type in "Pokemon Go". According to, there is an art to perfect this throw. Most people just throw the Pokeball by just swiping upwards, estimating when to lift the finger so that it will land on the Pokemon's target zone, an imaginary circular area where your ball should land so it would activate the capture sequence.

You can actually drag your Pokeball and do a circular swipe, this will animate the ball into spinning, and the faster you spin the longer the ball spins on your finger. Once you get enough momentum, you throw the ball and observe that it imitates a curve ball throw, or swirls in a curve path. You can rotate clock-wise throw it on the left side and right side for counter-clock-wise. It is important to note that you throw the ball at an angle away from the Pokemon and estimate when it will curve back towards the center.

What does this have to do with Zubats?

Well, if you keep on catching Zubats with the Curve Ball move, sooner or later you will realize that other Pokemons are now easier to catch. So stack up those Pokeballs and practice, practice, practice!

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