5 Reasons The Samsung Note 7 Is A Disappointment

The Samsung Note 7 was a clear disappointment according to some of its critics. The early rumors and hype about the upcoming Galaxy smartphone turned out too good to be true.

5. Samsung will equip the Galaxy Note 7 with a dual camera lens

Earlier rumors surfaced that the upcoming note 7 will feature dual camera lens just like the upcoming iPhone 7, according to Forbes. The rumor turned out to be untrue but at least the Note 7 has better camera optics and software from its predecessor.

4. The Galaxy Note 7 has the best battery capacity

The upcoming Note 7 has increased its battery capacity to 3500 mAh compared to the previous Note 5, which only has 3000 mAh. However, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has the longest battery life at 3600 mAh.

3. Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 "Edge Look"

A number of critics pointed out that the "edge look" look has a number of disadvantages. Some users may find it difficult to hold the Note 7 because of its edge design. The phone's curves may present screen problems to some Android apps. The all edge look also tends to attract a lot of screen reflection.

2. No more Galaxy Note 7 flat screen

Samsung has decided field an "edge only" model for the Galaxy Note 7. This seriously limits consumers' choice on which Galaxy Note 7 model they prefer.

1. The best Galaxy Note 7 model is in China.

Samsung will market a different Galaxy Note 7 in China. The upcoming model for China will have bigger internal storage space of up to 128 GB and 6GB of RAM. These notable upgrades were made possible due to China's market demand.

It is true that the Galaxy Note 7 has disappointed many of its fans. Fortunately, its closest rival, Apple's upcoming iPhone 7 is also set to disappoint quite a number of its fans, according to Forbes. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is expected to be released on August 19.

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