'DotA 2' Update: Abyssal Underlord Revealed, Monkey King Expected To Be Released Next

By Sarene Mae Butao , Aug 17, 2016 04:52 AM EDT

Online massive hit game Dota 2 have been rocking the online gaming world ever since. They are now on the 6th season of their own version of eSports tournament called 'The International.' Millions of DOTA fans from around the globe gathered in one arena to witness the epic battles of the game's best teams. During the event, players and fans got some glimpse of the new hero which is about to be added to the massive roster of the game. This new hero is called Abyssal Underlord or also known as Pitlord, Underlord, Vrogros and Azgalor.

According to PC Gamesn, Underlord will be officially released by the end of August. Luckily, fans got a glimpse of this new hero and how this hero works. During an all-star game of the event, Underlord was used by one of the players. This four-legged hero impressed the crowd with his massive set of skills. However, he is not new to the DOTA 1 fans as he was on the roster long before.

Based on some reports, Underlord is mostly likely to be included after Legion Commander's compendium quest. Valve also had his name changed officially to Underlord instead of the latter Abyssal Underlord to avoid confusion of the item Abyssal Blade. The new hero will have strength as primary attribute and will carry a melee-support role. When included officially, he will be considered as one with the most powerful ultimate in the game. Dark Rift enables Underlord to do massive transport of his team in a 450-radius around him. This would be helpful for someone who forget to bring teleport or for a massive gank.

Another hero that is set to be unveiled is the Monkey King. According to iDigital Times, Valve surprisingly released a teaser of the hero. This new hero was principally Sun Wukong of the Chinese legend. With this teaser, Dota 2 now joins the company of League of Legends, Hon and Smite to have a hero based on the same character. Based on the teaser, Monkey King is able to create a copy of himself and can jump around the map. This will be exciting to watch as it transcends to the actual game. The new hero will be set to be released this fall.


You can watch Monkey King's Teaser Here:


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