How To Avoid Niantic's Permaban On Pokemon Go: Do's And Don'ts

By Benjie Batanes , Aug 17, 2016 03:20 AM EDT

Niantic has reportedly started issuing Permaban to Pokemon Go cheaters. The developer has started imposing the ultimate sanction in order to protect the integrity of the game against cheaters.

Many Pokemon Go players resorted to GPS spoofing and bots in order to increase their XP level tremendously. The bots also allowed cheaters to collect powerful and rare Pokemon creatures and items, according to BGR. Niantic initially tried to discouraged cheaters by issuing a soft ban.

Next, Niantic had almost all third party Pokemon location services shut down. But that did not stop Pokemon Go cheaters from using GPS spoofing and bots. This is why the mobile app developer is now dropping the proverbial hammer with its permaban. Niantic has even prepared a ban appeal form for those whose accounts have been permanently suspended.

Here are some do and don't tips for players to avoid getting a permanent ban from the game.

Avoid Using GPS Spoofing and Bots

Players do not or should not use GPS spoofing and bot software to avoid getting a permaban from Niantic. It's dishonest and unfair to the other players.

If Banned, Use The Ban Appeal Form

Pokemon Go Players who got banned by Niantic should immediately lodge and appeal if they believed that the ban is unjust. Players should be warned though that the developer may have some good reason or evidence in imposing a permaban. Still, the appeal may convince Niantic to lift the permaban.

Create Another Pokemon Go Account

Pokemon Go players who could not convince Niantic to remove the permaban will have no choice but to create another account. Players will now need to behave when playing the game or at least be more careful.

Niantic's permaban offensive caught a lot of cheaters and their service providers by surprise. Many sites have announced that they were folding up due to the heavy sanctions imposed by the developer.

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