Pokemon Go Guide: How Does The New 'Sightings' Work?

By Sarene Mae Butao , Aug 18, 2016 04:40 AM EDT

After Niantic released an update from their massive hit game Pokemon Go several weeks ago, some players were still confused on how the new 'Sightings' work. Based on the last update, the ever-buggy and troublesome 'Nearby' feature which was popularly known as the "Three Step' feature was replaced by 'Sightings.' This new tracking system is said to be more stable than the latter and has a faster refresh rate from the previous version.

How does this new tracking system work?

According to N4BB, the 'Sightings' feature will show the list of nearby Pokemon in the area. When they disappeared from the list, it is either the player is heading on a wrong direction or they are gone for good. Aside from a higher refresh rate compared to the latter, the new tracking system also restricts double images from the same Pokemon. This means that there's a higher chance to find rare Pokemon. Sources also said that the new sightings limits for about 200 meter radius only in order to cover more area.

What does the grass background mean?

The new 'Sightings' feature now shows green grass behind a Pokemon instead of the usual three step icon. According to Heavy, this green grass background is said to be the new 'footprint' for your Pokemon. The Pokemon that will appear on the nearby tab indicates the nearby Pokemon in your area. Some reports also said that the grass means the Pokemon are found in the wild and not on the Pokestops. Previous leaks show a new 'Nearby' feature that is technically separated from the 'Sightings' menu. It was indicated by a picture of a Pokestop with a certain Pokemon.

Niantic Labs says this new 'Sightings' feature is just a temporary substitute for the buggy 'Three Step' tracking system. They also added that they are now currently working on producing a better tracking system on the next update. Perhaps, the leaked 'Nearby' feature will be out soon. Otherwise, more updates will be out soon.


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