'Watchdogs 2' News: Ubisoft Releases Trailer About Online Multiplayer Features

Dedsec is back! The Chicago-based hacking collective from 'Watch Dogs' returns for a sequel, this time tagging along some awesome multiplayer feature. Ubisoft's Facebook page has just released a trailer portraying Watch Dogs 2's online multiplayer capabilities and features.

What are the features?

According to Polygon.com, it is revealed to have 2 online multiplayer features.

First is "Hacking Invation" PVP mode, which was already existing on the original 'Watch Dogs'. To recap, players need to be online - of course, the game would then pair you up with another player on your level tier. Once paired up, the players will be assigned as prey and predator. The predator needs to locate the target and download files from his device without being detected. On the other hand, the prey has to either move far away from the prey away from his signal range for a specific amount of time or find the predator and dispose of him. In addition, players can now do co-op playing the same online concept, according to Ubisoft.

The new online mode will be called "Bounty Hunter". As the name suggests, it will be tied up to the game's police heat system. This will trigger if the player creates a level of crime or chaos in the game. Once triggered, the player is pulled out from his single player mode and gets chased by the police. The player needs to clear this up before he can go back to his business in single player. It is also possible that this mode will be incorporated with PVP.

As usual, the online modes are separate from single player campaigns.

Just 2 online multiplayer features?

Months away from release, it is not confirmed yet if other features are to be added on top. Watch Dogs 2 will be out on Nov. 15 for the Playstation4, Xbox One, PC. Keep those browsers locked at itechpost.com for upcoming information about 'Watch Dogs 2'. 

"A secret society of hackers, serving our own brand of justice" -DedSec

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