'Mr. Robot' Series Renewed For Season 3; Mobile Game To Be Released Based On Storyline

Television series "Mr. Robot" is now one of the most watched and top rated shows to date and it has gotten good reviews. Aside from being confirmed to be renewed for a third season, it has now also been adapted into a mobile game that can be enjoyed on Apple and Android smartphones.

"Mr. Robot" is now one of the most-watched television series and its creator, Sam Esmail couldn't be more proud. Just recently, it has been nominated for six Emmy awards, including best actor for star Rami Malek and best drama series as well.

According to the President of Entertainment Networks for NBC Universal Cable Entertainment, Chris McCumber, they are very proud of "Mr. Robot," its outcome and many positive reviews. They are honoured to be named and considered one of the best dramas on television. In line with that, they have opened up new opportunities for the network, as reported by Deadline.

Aside from being currently nominated for an Emmy Award, the series has already won two Golden Globes awards - to name one of the many awards the series has already received. Their accomplishments do not end there. Due to the buzz that it has created in the public, it is now adapted into a mobile game.

According to Tech Crunch, a mobile game, released by Telltale Games in association with NBC Universal and developed by Night School Studio. The game is played through a fake E-orp messaging app that will allow the players to communicate with the characters in the show on real time. Based on the description of the app that was developed, it takes place during the first season of the series.

The setup is that the smartphone is found on the ground outside of Fun Society Arcade at Coney island, which is the meeting place of the hacking group based on the series. The phone found then belongs to Darlene, which is one of the main characters of the show. The game will then be played by the player, messaging the employees of E-Corp which the company being targeted by the hackers.

The choices being made by the players of the game will have consequences that will affect the narrative of the game and the storyline of the show in a week. However, the game cannot be downloaded for free, but is for sale for the price of $2.99 both on iTunes and Google Playstore.

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