New 'Pokemon Go' Smart Glasses Allow Hands-Free Gaming

By Staff Reporter , Aug 19, 2016 04:20 AM EDT

All around the world, Pokemon Go has proved to be phenomenal. It's a rather common scenery worldwide to see several groups of people going to places, walking on streets with so much focus on their phones, just so that they could catch Pokemon.

The process of doing so, however, means that you are not paying attention to the road, and this, inevitably, could be a reason behind accidents. But what if you could somehow play Pokémon Go while also paying attention to the world around you?

Have you ever wondered if you could actually play the app while keeping your eyes on the road and the rest of the world? Recon is in its baby steps toward making Pokemon Go compatible with the Jet, which is a pair of smart glasses that run on Android launched about a year ago.

While its functionality has not yet been fully perfected and completed, the integration of the popular app on these Jet glasses allows us to have a glimpse of augmented reality taken to a whole new level. The Jet was seen on a test run during the Developer Forum of Intel, held in San Francisco the previous week.

Patrick Cho, one of Recon's software developers, was successfully able to integrate the popular game with the jet via a standalone application, as the pair of glasses is already equipped with Wi-Fi and GPS connectivity and a fully functional operating system. The only disadvantage and holdover so far is that the Jet is not equipped with LTE connectivity. Therefore it would be difficult to obtain connectivity on the go, whenever, wherever, which is something you have to consider when you play the popular game.

To make things work, the Jet was connected through a phone which could serve as a WiFi Hotspot. Another modification done was the reorientation of the game's screen from portrait to landscape to fit the 428 x 240 display resolution of the pair of glasses.

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